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If I don't take risks with fashion, where the hell am I going to take risks?

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That's the thing, isn't it? Leighton pulls anything off.

Of course, not every look is perfect for her. She certainly has her misses and hits, like any mere mortal.

But somehow she still manages to pull anything off! At least we think so. And here at What Leighton Wore, we don't think this is only because she has a hot body (even though she so does) or because she is beautiful (even though she so is) or because her stylists know what they're doing all the time (because they so don't).

We think she pulls even the most awful things off, because she is someone who doesn't let her clothes rock her. She rocks her clothes, and not the other way around. That's why and how she pulls off every look, no matter how outrageous and wrong it may be.
And she just doesn't seem to give a crap. It's not about the small details, not about the ABC's of stylishness, or even about what's fashionable at the moment -- it's about the way she laughs in and at them. It's about the fearlessness with which she seems to approach her closet. It's about her decisions that most of the time seem more like a whim than a carefully planned perfection. She just wears whatever she feels like and it translates through every piece of fabric she wraps herself with. It's like magic.

This is the community that celebrates that specific aspect of Leighton Meester. Here at What Leighton Wore, we admire and worship her wardrobe. We think it is so fascinating and cool and sexy that we dissect and discuss every colour and texture placed on that fresh skin, all night, every night.

We love the stuff she wears. This is what we do here at What Leighton Wore: Loving Leighton Meester, loving her clothes, and trying to understand the understated, fierce, and free-spirited manner with which she dresses herself. That's our full-time job.

Written by the fabulous Celine (neverevered)

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