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Leighton Meester's Red Carpet Evolution: 2006-Present

Leighton Meester is just as brilliant of an actress on the red carpet as she is on-screen. Her style - methodical, sassy, fearless, and transcendent; her demeanor - teasing and effortless. She is able to encapsulate the character and essence of any dress and designer and really have fun with it. The result, whether anyone else loves it or not, is always exciting and, most importantly, her. Here I've collected the highlights (in my humble opinion) of her ever-evolving, panache of red carpet statements.


Isn't she a baby Julianne Moore in the first pic?

If you can't appreciate her Louis Vuitton at the Costume Gala in 2009, you don't know what you're talking about, tbh!

Can people stop saying her music career had a major impact on her style for the worse and that she "tried too hard"? She wore like 1-2 really outlandish things and a lot of makeup for the stage. Most of her wardrobe was still awesome and/or tshirts and leggings lol.

If people want Blair Waldorf, watch Gossip Girl (which is funny because a lot of the fans have been whining about the wardrobe ever since it lost its novelty appeal, as well), anyone with a genuine eye for individual style will take Leighton Meester.

Feel free to comment with what I'm missing here and your own Leighton-style wishlist, guys!
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